Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo manufactures only top quality raw materials: it is the result of years of research, looking for the best suppliers on the Italian market.
Italy has an extraordinary tradition in food, with its many great products. The task of Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo is to look for the best raw materials and dress them up to fit your needs.
The list of products packable with our system is very long, here are some examples:

Polenta, corn flour

MAIS-CORNPolenta is a rustic food, able to support the imagination of the most creative and innovative chef. The Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo’s corn flours are the result of tradition and careful selection of raw materials.
Our goal is to provide a range of products that allows you to do both: create the most classic Italian dishes, and to give voice to your imagination with creative and modern recipes.

We follow 3 important rules to select our corn flour:

  • it has to have the lowest content of dust
  • it has to be produced in Italy
  • it must be NON GMO
  • The classic (bramata or fioretto)
  • Instant polenta (ready in 3 minutes)
  • Organic instant polenta (ready in 3 minutes)
  • White polenta
  • Whole grain polenta
  • polenta-cornmeal

    Wheat Flour

    GRANO-WHEAT-DURUM-WHEATWheat is one of the bases which Italian cuisine and culture are founded on.
    Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo flours are the result of tradition and careful selection of raw materials.
    Our primary goal is to provide the best quality flours, perfectly suited for your preparations.
    Because your work, your passion and your recipes deserve the best.


  • Type 00 wheat flour
  • Type 0 Organic wheat flour
  • Durum wheat flour
  • Type 00 wheat flour with Manitoba
  • Whole grain wheat flour
  • farina-wheat-flour


    RISO-ITALIAN-RICERice is a precious fruit from the earth. With a great history and its extraordinary nutritional properties it is an essential food for a balanced diet.
    Rice is an irreplaceable starting point in cooking.

    From traditional recipes to modern and creative dishes, rice can become a major player at any time of the meal, from appetizers to desserts!

    We follow 3 important rules to select our corn flour:

  • it must be firm to the bite after cooking
  • it has to be raised in Italy (in Vercelli and Novara, Piemonte. Only the Basmati Rice is orginal from India.)
  • it must be NON GMO
  • RICE TOP 5:

  • Superfino Carnaroli
  • Superfino Arborio
  • Whole grain black Venere
  • Whole grain red Ermes
  • Basmati
  • riso-italian-rice

    Beans and pulses

    BEANS-FAGIOLI-LEGUMIBeans and other pulses have extraordinary nutritional properties.
    They are a great source of protein and minerals (iron, calcium and more) and, when combined with food grains, are a really complete dish for a perfect functioning of your body.
    Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo’s dehydrated beans, lentils and peas are a perfect ingredient for your soups and salads, or a great side dish to the main course.


  • Cannellini beans
  • Borlotti beans
  • Green lentils
  • Misto Legumi – mixed beans and cereals
  • Green peas
  • fagioli-beans-legumi-pulses

    Semolina and cous-cous

    GRANO-WHEAT-DURUM-WHEATSemolina is produced by milling durum wheat.
    It is a simple and versatile food, a useful basis to many different preparations: bread and the pasta first. But also soups, puddings and dumplings.
    Also the couscous is produced using durum wheat semolina.

    Durum wheat semolina and cous-cous are very versatile, fast and easy to cook.

    TOP 3:

  • Durum wheat semolina
  • Middle grain cous-cous
  • Organic cous-cous
  • semola-couscous


    GRANO-WHEAT-DURUM-WHEATThe world of cereals is boundless and it is becoming more and more present on our tables.
    The nutritional properties of cereals are extraordinary and perfect in combination with legumes.
    That’s why Molino di Borgo San Dalmazzo offers several solutions in which cereals and pulses meet together to give you the best nutrition.


  • Zuppa contadina: emmer, barley and 3 kind of beans
  • Minestra di legumi: barley, lentils, soy and peas
  • Emmer in grains
  • farro